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Introduction to Healthcare Ventilation

The Healthcare Ventilation training course offers an introductory understanding of the specific principles of ventilation in healthcare facilities. It covers the management of existing and new ventilation systems, including governance structures and safety protocols.
The training course includes the following topics
  • Introduction
  • Legal Requirements
  • Basic Principles of Healthcare Ventilation
  • Needs of Patients & Staff
  • Safe Systems of Work and Ventilation Inventory
  • Validation, Verification, and Inspection Requirements
  • The Ventilation Safety Group (VSG)
  • Q&A Session
The aim of this training is to enhance participants’ knowledge and understanding of healthcare ventilation. It enables effective participation in Ventilation Safety Groups (VSG), project teams, and governance positions. It is suitable for non-technical Designated Persons (DP), Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) staff, project managers/engineers, M&E/construction contractors, consultants, maintenance managers, and those new to healthcare ventilation.
By the end of the training, participants should have sufficient knowledge about the role and function of the Ventilation Safety Group and how effective governance of healthcare ventilation is achieved.
Additional Information
M&M Consultancy and Training Services is an accredited CPD training provider. The Introduction to Healthcare Ventilation course is recognized as providing 7 hours of CPD credits.

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